• H2’s America Unearthed – Stonehenge In America

    Cold open re-enactment of 1 of 18+ episodes of Committee Films’ H2 Series “America Unearthed” of which I provided sound services. Committee Films relied on me to both support the edits of these period-specific re-enactments with sound design + foley, as well as supply all other post sound services. Fun, challenging, but extremely time-sensitive work given broadcast deadlines and expectations.  The premiere episode crushed previous records at the network.

  • French Movie

    An animated short set to a Poem by David Lehman. From YESHIVA BOYS Scribner, 2009 Film by Scott Wenner//Voice by William Slichter//Sound Design by Kelly Pieklo Made for motionpoems. A fun piece to work on with the very talented Scott Wenner of Motion504.

  • H2’s America Unearthed – Title Sequence Sound Design

    Committee Films brought me on to provide sound design services for the open title sequence for the H2 series “America Unearthed”.  The goal was to create an effectively hi-tech vibe to support composer Chris Beaty‘s symphonic score.  Success.

  • Splice Theatrical Logo

    Chris Averbeck and his design crew had assembled this piece to roll out new branding for the facility.  Sound design and edit of this piece included recording the breaking/smashing/crunching of pieces of glass of varying sizes and thicknesses – window panes, jars, glasses, etc.  And thick gloves. And bandaids. Originally designed + mixed in 5.1 for theatrical uses.

  • Deep Custom

    Tony Franklin  and TC Worley knocked it out of the park on this one, capturing the vibe of Minneapolis’ Peacock Groove Bicycles.  Bikes are beautiful, imagery is beautiful.  Another great collaboration with TC, Tony and Nick. Tony Franklin, Director TC Worley, DP Nick Gumm, Editor  


Recent Videos

  • Best Buy “Lifeblood” – Best Buy Theater Marquee, Times Square NYC

    A piece designed to help welcome + introduce the Best Buy brand into the NYC market in the biggest way possible.  A collaboration of monumental proportions with composer David J Russ.

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  • H2’s America Unearthed – The Great Lakes Copper Heist

    Another example of the foley + sound design work I’ve done for 18+ episodes of Committee Films’ H2 series “America Unearthed”.  In addition to the above, I was responsible for the entire post production sound process for the series, including final mix and deliverables to the network.

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  • Herschel

    A great branding piece for local music artist Herschel shot here in Minneapolis.  DP TC Worley captured some phenomenal imagery and director Tony Franklin gave me quite a bit of creative flexibility through the sound design stages. Tony Franklin, Director TC Worley, DP Nick Gumm, Editor

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  • Ana’s Playground

    A dream of a project with a phenomenal director.  Eric Howell‘s short film “Ana’s Playground” was shot and posted here in Minneapolis, and mixed with Gary Rizzo at Skywalker Sound.  The project presented an opportunity for me to work directly with Academy Award winning Sound Supervisor Richard Hymns [All Is Lost, Lincoln, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol].  Perhaps the most groundshaking experience I’ve had in my career. Eric Howell, Director Gary Rizzo, Re-recording Mixer Richard Hymns, Supervising Sound Editor

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